IPEA: What? Why? How?..?
  • Do your Business Users pull data from multiple rigid systems and create their own Plans, Reports and Analysis?
  • Integrated Plan, Execution Tracking and Analytics (IPEA) is the Business Oriented solution approach and not IT Oriented.
  • Enables the `go to` SCM system for the Business Users.
Multi Tier Extended Supply Chain
  • Enables real End to End SCM by also integrating Demand Channels and Supply Partners network.
  • Systematically including the Extended SC can result in manifold increase in the SC efficiency.
Sense and Response
  • To move the business at a fast pace, incorporating timely sense and response, early warnings, proactive alerts and adjustments are inevitable.
  • IPEA fundamentally enables this.
Modular, Flexible and Rapid Implementations
  • Apply IPEA concepts in any area of Supply Chain to bring out the real agility to meet business objectives
  • Tool kit based approach and ease of customizations ensures the last mile of the business needs are also addressed
In-Line, Contextual Analytics
  • Ability to use data for meaningful decision making with In-Line Analytics
  • Root Cause Analysis working across Plans and Actuals
  • Prediction and Learning Tools
Include Innovations in IT Roadmap
  • Include an Innovation box in your IT architecture
  • Include Rapid and High Value breakWalls solutions while you may have rigid multi-year IT roadmap


Integrated Business Planning (IBP), S & OP
  • Collaborative Workflows to finalize the Business Plan
  • Advanced Statistical Demand Forecasting for Secondary/Primary
    Sales and Demand Sensing
  • Integrated with Channel Information and Supply Plans,
    related Analytics
  • Determine Inventory Targets, Primary Demand
    Planning based on Secondary Demand
  • Ease of multi-party multi-role users interactions
    with online and offline mode
Channel Management
  • Management of the Channel Sales Plans and Actuals,
    Channel Inventory Targets and Actuals, related
    Analytics and End User Reporting
  • Integrated with Business Plan and S & OP
  • Data gathering and Business Partners Management
  • Consolidated Supply Chain Visibility, Early Warnings,
    Planning and Decision Making
Integrated Supply Planning
  • Concurrent Distribution/Fulfillment/Replenishment,
    Production, Procurement Planning
  • Integrated Plan Execution Management through
    InnovativePlan Adjustment Solver to get plan
    back on track
Product Mix and Price Optimization
  • Primary Price Optimization
  • Mark Down Optimization
  • Product Mix to meet Sales and Inventory Targets
  • Advanced Statistical Techniques and Optimization
Supply Partners Collaboration
  • Multi - Tier Supply Partners Collaboration
  • Ease of Information Exchange with Online
    and Offline modes
  • Early Warnings on Supply Coverages with Plan
    Adjustments, Inventory Rebalancing and Working
    Capital control
  • Score Carding, Analytics and Improvement Insights
Detailed Order Tracking
  • Purchase Orders Tracking for accurate Supply
  • Imported Materials Detailed Order Tracking
  • Integrated with Plans and Analytics


A range of services adapted to your needs
Custom Development Services

  • Advanced supply chain solutions toolkit
  • Balanced solution approach in between completely custom (too fluid) and completely packaged (too rigid) approaches.
  • Shorter time to implement and introduce new enhancements to run the business.
  • Toolkit with data models, solvers, collaboration, analytics and statistical tools, including machine learning and AI.
  • Rich and easily customizable UI and reporting framework.
Project Audits to Maximize Value and Minimize Risks
  • Are you planning to implement SCM improvement project and want to validate the approach to gain maximum value?
  • Have you worked out the new process and system design? Do you want to get a third eye to get an independent point of view? Your last project implementation is not delivering to your expectations?
  • Engage us to get independent recommendations and point of view on your improvement projects and SCM Strategy.
SCM Stimulator workshop
  • If you are looking to catalyze SCM activities in your SCM organization, this workshop can help you achieve that.
  • Highlight key supply chain issues and discuss approaches to address these through a series of interactive exercises like Case Studies, Role Plays, SCM game, Post-It Exercise.
  • Instigate strategic supply chain thinking through SC Strategy exercise and survey. Bubble up improvement ideas.
  • Get maximum mileage from your group meets

About us

Hemant Imagine the kind of sense and response required if you are trying to fly fast through woods. You need to make sure you are going in the right direction, through optimal and feasible route, and don’t bump into the tree right in front of you. In an increasingly dynamic business environment, to run fast, a strong sense and response is required across business plans, operational plans and execution, across different business functions and partners. Currently, in a typical organization, ERP systems have transactions and orders, BI systems have past data; and future plans, practically, are in disjointed excels with business planners, which hampers the speed and efficiency of the business.

Hemant Hemant Pariawala (Paria) envisions a business driven SCM system that truly enables sense and response through integrated plan - execution tracking and advanced analytics. Prior to breakWalls, Paria was the chief functional architect for the i2's integrated SCM solutions for manufacturing companies. i2 (now JDA), was the world leader in SCM solutions. Based on more than 22 years of experience in different industries, world-wide, he can work with you from vision to detailed system implementation. Paria holds a B.Tech (Mechanical) from IIT Bombay and a Masters (Operations Research) from Georgia Tech.

Deb Debadatta Mohanty (Deb) has architected breakWalls solution from ground up to develop the desired SCM system. With more than 19 years of technical and SCM experience, Deb is passionate about solving complex business and technical problems, keeping abreast with the latest technology. Prior to breakWalls, Deb worked for i2 in various technical architect roles. He also serves as chairman and chief mentor for the Indian Sudoku team. Deb holds a B.Tech. from NIT Rourkela (Electronics and Instrumentation).